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Menu in English

W.42 – (15 October – 19 October)

Baked potatoes : Various filling

HEART Dish: Chicken au file with mushroom sauce and rice
Dagens: Meat , diced and fried with potatoes and onions
Veg: TRootcrops with eggs and beetroots

HEART Dish: Casserole with pork, beans ,rootcrops and fried potatoes with cabbage
Dagens: Fish au file with onion, chanterelles, haricot vertes, white wine sauce and mashed potatoes
Veg: Chanterelles pie with warm rootcrops salad

HEART Dish: Fish au file with beetroots, capers vinegrette and potatoes
Dagens: Turkey with cream sauce, apple puree and potatoes
Veg: Carrot pancakes with beetroots salsa and lemon kesella

HEART Dish: Pea soup with pancakes
Dagens: Porc loin with pumpkin and carrot puree
Veg: White pizza with chevre, creme fraiche and honey

HEART Dish: Roast beef with fried potatoes, pickles and capers mayonnaise
Dagens: Potato pancakes with lingon berry jam and bacon
Veg: French onion soup with bread crutons